A Birth Certificate shows you were born.
A Death Certificate shows you died.
A Completed Scrapbook shows you LIVED!

An imperfect finished page is better than
an perfect page 'someday'
that only exists in your head.

Find inspiration in every day things!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Scrappin' #5

Ta Da's (for the past two weeks):

  • Birthday card for friend.
  • Father's Day card for friend.
  • Hope Jar (jar was decorated with rub-ons and stickers and lots of fiber; everyone at graduation party filled jar with favorite quotes, words of wisdom and encouragement) for niece.
To Do's:
Anything with scrapbooking. (I hate being in this creative slump.)

Challenge: Animals
I did get some photos taken of Champ.

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Melanie said...

I love the idea of the Hope Jar, what a fantastic idea.

Hope you get your mojo back Storm and get scrapping.
Have a good week.

Christine Rockwell said...

OH I LOVE the idea of a Hope jar! Sounds very cute and VERY thoughtful! Great job, hope you get out of your slump and back to scrappin this week!dp