A Birth Certificate shows you were born.
A Death Certificate shows you died.
A Completed Scrapbook shows you LIVED!

An imperfect finished page is better than
an perfect page 'someday'
that only exists in your head.

Find inspiration in every day things!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where is Your Crafting Priority?

This year for me, there is less a priority to take courses in scrapbooking, less a priority of buying scrapbooking supplies, and more to actually get some layouts done. I cannot afford the courses and supplies as much as some of them sound quite appealing. Priorities this year - that’s an interesting thing, is it not? With the current economic climate, I do wonder how the scrapbooking industry is doing out there, when crafts and associated courses aren’t normally on the A-List for priorities and budgets are more stricter.

1 comment:

tina said...

you are right about current economic and about putting priority first . the good days are gone for now but they will come back. am also working on getting work done(finishing what l have started