A Birth Certificate shows you were born.
A Death Certificate shows you died.
A Completed Scrapbook shows you LIVED!

An imperfect finished page is better than
an perfect page 'someday'
that only exists in your head.

Find inspiration in every day things!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Cards, Cards, Cards

Blue hello there cards.

Generic blue-violet cards.
Friend cards.

Congrats to the wedding couple.

Congrats cards.

Congrats purple.

Pink birthday card.

Birthday boy cards.

Baby cards.


Teresa said...

I Love all your cards. Keep up the great work.

Storm said...

Thanks, Teresa.

ForestGreen said...

I love these cards! I want to break out my supplies NOW and get to creating! Thanks for sharing!

Storm said...

Thanks, Christa. I'm glad I am able to provide some inspiration. Please come back and share a link so we can ooh and ahh over your cards.